Ortega-Murillo dictatorship exhibits falsehood and cynicism at the EU-CELAC Summit when talking about democracy and human rights

Ortega-Murillo dictatorship exhibits falsehood and cynicism at the EU-CELAC Summit when talking about democracy and human rights

The chancellor of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship, Denis Moncada, was sent to the Summit of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to exhibit the falsehood and cynicism of the regime when reading a statement in which They speak of respect for democracy and human rights, aspects that in Nicaragua the dictatorship has completely suppressed. In addition, they ask for “development cooperation” and he cries again because the sanctions are removed.

In the 11-point pronouncement, sent to the EU-CELAC Summit, the dictatorship insists on asking that they respect its sovereignty and not intervene in its internal affairs, claiming that the international community should remain silent in the face of serious human rights violations and the demolition of democracy, which they commit in Nicaragua.

Ortega, through his foreign minister, assured Europe that the just, necessary and irreversible transformations towards a new multipolar world order are based on the principles of “justice, direct, participatory democracy and freedom”, prioritizing negotiation and dialogue, while in Nicaragua it has suppressed all attempts at opposition, it maintains a de facto police state, and instead of dialogue it denationalized and exiled all opposition leaders and represses the people.

Cry for the specific sanctions to be lifted

The dictatorship lies at the Summit by ensuring that the specific sanctions that the EU and the US have imposed against their officials and institutions, involved in the repression, affect the poorest and therefore demands that “the harmful and unfair unilateral measures (sanctions) be suspended and put an end to these denigrating and violating policies of all Human Rights.”

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Ortega’s letter, read by Moncada, speaks of peace and respect for the sovereignty of states, and in the same conclave he contradicts himself by declaring his unconditional support for Russia’s warmongering policy. The Nicaraguan state refused to support a resolution condemning the war imposed in Ukraine by its political associate Vladimir Putin.

Ortega remained isolated with his cynicism at the EU-CELAC summit

For a former Nicaraguan diplomat consulted by Article 66and who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons, the letter sent by the dictatorship to the EU-CELAC Summit, “is the expression of the falsehood of the regime”, because it indicates a series of principles and values ​​that the Government does not represent of Ortega and Murillos, but are international principles and values ​​that are constantly infringed and violated.

The former diplomat calls the Ortega and Murillo regime false because what they say in the letter sent to the Summit is contradicted by attitudes that represent the complete opposite.

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«A small country like Nicaragua has to be a country that must base the defense of its sovereignty on the validity of international norms and the Ortega-Murillo government has done what it has done with all its international policy and its support for the aggression of Russia against Ukraine is turning our backs on those principles,” warned the former diplomat.

At the same time, it recalls that the Nicaraguan dictatorship has violated international humanitarian law because they are “perpetrators of crimes against humanity” and of agreements and treaties on human rights and democratic commitments.

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