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Russia says that sanctioning its “training center” in Managua is a “shot in the foot” of the United States itself

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Russia says that sanctioning its "training center" in Managua is a "shot in the foot" of the United States itself

The Russian government reacted, this Friday, to the sanction imposed by the US Government. to the police “training center” established in Nicaragua, and assured that the North American measure is “a shot in the foot” of the Americans themselves because, according to what they claim, this center has collaborated in combating organized crime.

The US government, through the Treasury Department, announced, on Thursday, May 16, sanctions against several Nicaraguan companies and the training center of the Russian Ministry of the Interior in Managua, an institution that is said to also be used for espionage in the region.

Now, the Russian Foreign Ministry described the sanction as a “shot in the foot”, dangerous, not only for the Americans themselves, but also for their neighbors (in the region),” according to a publication by the Russian media outlet RT.

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“It is a clear shot in the foot, ridiculous and dangerous not only for the Americans themselves, who do everything possible to protect themselves from the uncontrolled migratory flow from the south and drug trafficking, which has overwhelmed the country, but also for their neighbors,” The spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, María Zajárova, said this Friday, according to the RT note.

The Kremlin diplomatic spokesperson added that “in the delirium of sanctions, the current American ruling elite strikes indiscriminately. Guided by its own rules, which are based on the same double standards, it divides police officers into good and bad.

According to Putin’s official, thanks to the sanctioned center, Nicaragua has become one of the safest countries in Central America, and that the institution installed in Managua is “one of the best training institutions in the region aimed at improving the qualifications of law enforcement officials.

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Likewise, he acknowledged that in the Russian facilities authorized by the dictator Daniel Ortega, “they have already trained more than 2,000 specialists, including those from other Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, among others.”

Zajárova added that, in addition to the fight against drugs, which is supposedly its main function, “training is carried out in cybersecurity, the fight against money laundering, extremism and terrorism, organized crime and transportation security,”

The spokesperson stated that the work of the Russian center “will not stop due to US sanctions” and that they will continue to work with their “partners” in the region on security matters.

Russian version falls apart

This reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry collapses by itself, taking into account recent events that have to do, precisely with drug trafficking that is shipped in Nicaragua and that reaches Russian ports, which shatters the claim that the center of Russian training in Managua, serves to prevent the entry of cocaine into the United States, because it does not even stop containers heading towards the same country.

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Evidence of that came to light last January, when Moscow security agents seized a shipment of one ton of cocaine coming from Nicaragua, which arrived in the Grand Port of Saint Petersburg, Russia, according to the Federal Customs Service, on January 10.

In an official statement released through the Telegram messaging application, the Russian authorities reported at that time that “the drugs were detected during the inspection of a container that arrived from Nicaragua.” Subsequently, the analyzes determined positive for cocaine.

Likewise, the report detailed that the smugglers hid thousand briquettes of compressed white powder on top of a loading module. The images shared by Russian media, such as The Moscow Times and Oreanda Newsshowed hundreds of rectangular packages labeled with the initials “BBB” and “DIOR.”

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