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Ortega asks for “explanations” from the ABC of Spain for the phrase “son of a bitch” in the investigation of false manuscripts by Rubén Darío

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Ortega asks for "explanations" from the ABC of Spain for the phrase "son of a bitch" in the investigation of false manuscripts by Rubén Darío

“”In Nicaragua, you are either the son of poets or you are the son of a bitch,” said the coastal poet Carlos Rigby. The truth is that there are both categories per square kilometer. “Those who do not achieve the first, move on to the second”, thus begins an investigation by the newspaper ABC of Spain that uncovers a plot of alleged falsifications of manuscripts by the Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío. The Nicaraguan dictator became angry at the phrase “son of a bitch” and sent his ambassador in Madrid to ask for “explanations” from the newspaper’s editorial staff.

Journalist William González, author of the investigation, revealed the annoyance of the Ortega-Murillo regime in the podcast «ABC’s Magnifying Glass». The communicator reported that Maurizio Gelli, Nicaraguan ambassador to Spain, came to the newspaper to complain about the use of the phrase in the publication.

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«In a cultural and literary supplement, putting that (the phrase) as a hook, I think we are not calling Nicaraguans that way at all. Also, I am of course Nicaraguan,” González clarified.

«The Government of Nicaragua has asked for explanations, they have sent their ambassador (Maurizio Gelli), an ambassador who is not Nicaraguan, was born in Italy and in 2009 acquired Nicaraguan nationality. The ambassador has come to the (ABC) editorial office, he has been given the pertinent explanations that at no time has the Nicaraguan community been insulted, not at all,” the editor added.

González considers that “by bringing this investigation to light it is being said that Darío’s figure has been used to obtain economic benefit.”

The alleged falsification

  • A Nicaraguan would be responsible for falsifying more than 900 manuscripts that are supposedly by Rubén Darío, the greatest exponent of modernism and the Prince of Castilian Letters. Raúl Gerardo Bermúdez Balladares is a 45-year-old architect and the person in charge of the alleged fraud against two prestigious universities in the United States.

The report of ABC Newspaper of Spain points out that Bermúdez Balladares would be linked to the former mayor of León, Róger Gurdián, although in that department he would have been declared persona “non grata.” Darío’s forger currently lives in Managua.

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This fact is classified as «The greatest falsification in the history of poetry» by the Spanish newspaper, there are more than 900 documents valued at about 200 thousand dollars. The lot had an expert opinion that accredited the authenticity of the documents.

This certificate of authenticity was issued by the auction house “El Remate”, located in Madrid, Spain. Experts explained that the opinion of the authors of the expert report could be justified if they only looked at paper and ink. The error, which did not allow them to see the forgery, lies in having overlooked Dario’s handwriting and biography.

The series of documents includes writings from the poet’s diplomatic period, family letters to Francisca Sánchez, receipts, three hundred various pages of his poetic work with transcriptions of poems supposedly signed and numbered, an English version of ‘Sonatina’ and some controversial intimate letters. from Dario to Amado Nervo, among others; details the report by writer William González.

The man would have sold the false documentary collections to the University of Arizona and Harvard University, the latter acquired a batch of 80 manuscripts between 2008 and 2009; while Arizona did so in 2012.

Who is Maurizio Gelli?

Maurizio Gelli holds nine positions in the diplomacy of the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship. Eight of these positions are ambassadors and one is Nicaragua’s representative to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The Italian is based at the Nicaraguan embassy in Madrid, Spain, where he was appointed ambassador on November 26, 2022.

Mauricio Gelli, one of Ortega's super ambassadors.Mauricio Gelli, one of Ortega's super ambassadors.
Mauricio Gelli, one of Ortega’s super ambassadors.

The Italian is a controversial character. He is the son of Licio Gelli, former leader of the Masonic lodge Propaganda Due (P2), who was accused of relations with the mafia and Cosa Nostra, the bankruptcy of Banco Ambrosiano, being an anti-communist agent during the Cold War, conspiracy work during the decade of the eighties in Argentina and financial scandals in Uruguay.

Licio Gelli died in 2015, at the age of 96. But, according to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, his son, Maurizio Gelli, tried to launder the “illegal fortune of 1.2 billion dollars” accumulated by his father. Ortega’s super diplomat, he has been Nicaragua’s ambassador to Canada and Uruguay.

The questioned Italian, to whom Ortega gave Nicaraguan nationality, is part of an elite of “super ambassadors” that Ortega has structured, granting them multiple diplomatic positions.

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