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Dangerous paralysis of the Legislative Assembly

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A million minutes of injustice

May 18, 2024, 4:00 AM

May 18, 2024, 4:00 AM

Life ends when the heart stops beating. Before that end point there may be many episodes: coma, paralysis, brain death and a series of particular circumstances, but it all ends when the heart stops working.

Well, the heart of the democratic system is the Plurinational Legislative Assembly for several reasons: first, because popular representation is concentrated there; In the Senate the equitable territorial representation of the nine departments is reflected and in the Chamber of Deputies the Bolivian population is represented proportionally; secondly, because, at least in classical theory, parliament represents the greatest expression of sovereignty expressed in the vote; Thirdly, because the essence of democracy is synthesized in legislation, oversight and permanent deliberation, and, finally, because in this scenario, ruling parties and opponents coexist and the art of politics makes it possible to achieve consensus and work for the common good. .

It is painful to recognize that on more than one occasion deputies and senators have not been able to respond adequately and transparently to the mandate of their voters, but even that painful circumstance, which is a political burden for all countries, is not a sufficient reason to ignore the value of that pillar. fundamental of the current political system. However, in Bolivia, the Legislative Assembly is mired in an almost terminal paralysis that leads one to think that the country is taking paths of authoritarianism and moving further and further away from the path of democracy.

The Legislative Assembly has not met since March; At least 24 bills are paralyzed, the ministers, protected by an unhealthy action by the Constitutional Court, are not accountable for their actions, the judicial elections are also paralyzed, the Government trumpets and announces new contracts for the exploitation of lithium without endorsement corresponding constitutional and the Vice President of the State, the main head of the Legislative Body, is mired in a dangerous inaction that seems premeditated, with the aggravating factor that citizens are losing confidence in democratic institutions.

It is imperative that our legislators understand the seriousness of the situation and act responsibly. History will judge severely those who, for petty interests, decided to paralyze the development of a country that cries out for solutions and hope.

Bolivia needs a Legislative Assembly that is up to the current challenges, that is capable of legislating with vision and responsibility. It is time to act with greatness, to put Bolivia first and to demonstrate that politics can and should be a force for the common good.

The heart of the democratic system beats slowly, almost as if it were a patient in critical condition. Critical or hopeless? It is not rhetoric nor a minor question. And if the political system does not react, citizens will have to react to avoid an outcome with unforeseeable consequences. Remaining silent or acting indifferent is not an option, under any circumstances.

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