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Panama maintains more than 640 positive cases for Influenza

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The Department of Epidemiology, of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), reports that more than 4,200 samples have been analyzed, in which more than 640 positive cases for Influenza remain.

Likewise, the report highlights that, in this week No. 28, five (5) new deaths (4 women and 1 man) identified (three with Influenza A and two with Influenza B); These last five deaths are in the age range between 7 months and 88 years.

To date, there is a cumulative of 32 deaths from influenza, 16 men and 16 women, in the age range, between 1 month to 88 years. None of the deceased had received the influenza vaccine.

These deaths correspond to the regions of Health, Metropolitan with eight (8) deaths; West Panama with seven (7); North Panama with three (3), San Miguelito with three (3) deaths, Chiriquí with three (3) deaths, Darién with two (2) deaths, Veraguas with two (2) deaths and one death, are the Health regions from Colón, Bocas del Toro, Coclé and one with residence in San Miguelito, but was confined in East Panama (Chepo).

93% (30/32) had risk factors such as: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, pulmonary, renal, neurological, immunosuppression among others; and none vaccinated, which represents more than 100% of these (take into account that the 1-month-old should not have this vaccine applied). Of these deaths, 22% (7/32) had a history of having a positive Covid-19 test.

According to information from the Expanded Immunization Program, a total of 1,231,362 doses of the influenza vaccine have been applied from April 12 to July 17, 902,160 have been placed by MINSA and 329,000 by the CSS. 202 doses.

The regions with the most doses applied are: the Metropolitan Region with 213,926 doses (148,181 are from Minsa and 65,745 from the CSS); West Panama with 174,753 doses applied (96,119 from Minsa and 78,634 from CSS) and Chiriquí with 160,448 doses (129,556 are from Minsa and 30,892 from CSS).

They reiterate the importance of getting vaccinated

Health authorities, reiterate to the population, in the most vulnerable groups, especially parents, to come and vaccinate their children, from six months of age, to those under five years of age, the elderly over 60 years, pregnant women, all patients with mobility, and bedridden patients. Likewise, it is reiterated that every person who cares for an elderly person must be vaccinated against influenza.

They report that the days outside the walls will continue during the weekends, in shopping centers and vaccination posts throughout the country.

You are reminded that people who present symptoms similar to the flu (runny nose, fever, headache and general malaise) do not self-medicate and go to the nearest health facility, so that they can be seen and undergo the corresponding tests.

The authorities reiterate that the population must maintain the biosecurity measures implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic, such as constant hand washing, the use of a mask in crowded places, people over 60 years of age, and in chronic patients to avoid contagion. and get vaccinated against influenza, to reduce and counteract cases of influenza in the country.

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