One dead and six injured by electric shock in Moa, Holguín

MADRID, Spain.- On the afternoon of this Monday, May 29, an electric shock caused the death of one person and six others were injured, some seriously, in the Moa region of Holguin.

The unfortunate event occurred in front of the Nickel Union Services Company (ESUNI) when a group of workers were waiting for transportation to return home, journalists reported. Rubiel De La Cruz Rabbi and Yulieska Hernandez Garcia, of the local medium Telecentro Moa TV.

deceased, Moa

The deceased was Dunielkis Fonseca Borges, who had been transferred to the Intensive Care Room of the “Guillermo Luis Fernández” Hospital in Moa, after being revived at the place of discharge by the Emergency Group of the Comandante Pedro Sotto Alba Company.

Like Fonseca Borges, the electric shock directly affected two other people who were on the ground when rescuers came, the information added.

According to a Facebook update by Yulieska Hernández García, Elba Rosa Gómez and Yoandra Silva Gómez remain in Special Care. The latter is pregnant. According to the note, she is evolving favorably.

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Data of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology (INSMET) indicate that electric shocks are the leading cause of death from natural phenomena in the country. Between 1987 and 2017, there was an annual average of more than 50 fatalities from these phenomena.

One of the most devastating events in Cuba in recent times, the fire at the Supertanker Base of Matanzas, was unleashed by a lightning strike.

In the middle of a storm, on August 5, lightning struck tank 52 for crude oil storage at said base. Due to the incident, 146 people were injured and 17 died, including 14 firefighters, whose bodies could not be identified.

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