The police expert report indicates that the letter of the letter corresponds to the controller

The police expert report indicates that the letter of the letter corresponds to the controller

May 30, 2023, 4:00 AM

May 30, 2023, 4:00 AM

The handwriting stamped on a posthumous letter presumably corresponds to that of the late Banco Fassil controller, Carlos Alberto Colodro López, which which means that the investigations into his death are heading towards the figure of a suicide.

This is indicated by the result of the expert opinion carried out by the Institute of Scientific Technical Investigations of the Police University (Iitcup) to which EL DEBER agreed within the investigations that began after the death of Carlos Alberto Colodrowhich occurred on Saturday the 27th and which shocked society.

The letter consists of two pages and was subjected to a graphotechnical study by experts in the field of the specialized unit of the Iitcup.

The investigations began on the night of Saturday, May 27, when Mother’s Day was celebrated. The Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) and the Prosecutor’s Office began the proceedings after finding Carlos Alberto Colodro lifeless, after falling into the void on the 15th floor of the Ambasador building, located on Avenida San Martín, of Equipetrol.

The two-page written posthumous letter was examined and the Iitcup experts carried out all the comparative studies with their equipment, until establishing that the letter and pulses supposedly correspond to Colodro.

The second part of the letter was released on Sunday, after the first page was leaked. Versions circulated that it was a long letter. However, yesterday it was known in a real way after the Iitcup expert opinion that the letter is two pages long and that it was allegedly written by the deceased controller Colodro. The graphotechnical study was carried out at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, after the letter was found at the scene of the event.

“I am so sorry to leave them… it costs me enormously, but I believe that the decision made is God’s will for me,” reads the first paragraph of the sheet. Later, the letter refers to “my three beautiful children”, to “my parents” and “my partner who was through thick and thin with me.”

The writing also has a message for the alleged co-workers.

“God has the exact times in your life, and this is mine,” the letter says, near the end. The last lines are addressed to the brothers, whom he promises not to make them suffer anymore.

Colodro’s family and his lawyer, Jorge Valda, again ruled out that the letter, the content of which was released on Sunday, was written by the Fassil bank controller. They made it known that it is neither the handwriting of Carlos Colodro nor his way of writing.r.

Jorge Valda denounced that this note was not collected from Colodro’s office, because he was accompanying the investigation “from the first moment of the event, together with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Likewise, EL DEBER agreed to the report on the conclusions of the legal autopsy performed on Colodro by the forensic doctor Rodrigo Valdez.

The coroner establishes suicide, but recommends studies and analysis of the samples taken from the remains of the unfortunate man. In its conclusive part it establishes: “case: death from jumping on the 15th floor of the Ambassador building, former Fassil bank, of Equipetrol, Av. San Martín, between the second and third rings. Cause of death: traumatic shock, multiple laceration of internal organs, and polytrauma from precipitation. Etiology of suicidal death”.

In the same report, the coroner establishes the existence of “swab samples of blue paint, vitreous humor, nail clippings, liver fragments, gastric contents, fragment of frontal skull bone and fragment of encephalic mass”.

The professional who performed the autopsy, according to the records of the Bolivian Medical Association, does not have a legal title for that function as established by its regulations. It does have a degree, but it is a general practitioner.

The departmental prosecutor, Róger Mariaca, stated that given the evidence collected in the place where Colodro was in an office and where the posthumous letter was presumably written, it is imperative the need to carry out the skills and graphotechnical studies, to establish if the letter corresponds to it.

Likewise, the prosecutor assured that when it was learned that the man fell from the 15th floor, investigations were carried out in the search and collection of biological evidence to find out if Colodro’s body was actually missing organs. For Mariaca, none of the hypotheses can be ruled out, That is why an investigation was launched into the figure of homicide-suicide.

The Prosecutor’s Office arranged for a commission of at least seven forensic experts, five of whom came from other districtsto reinforce the work until everything is clear.

The lawyer representing the family, Jorge Valda, stated that the investigation must be for murder and that there must be an explanation for the intervener’s injuries.

EL DEBER agreed to the statements of the security guards of the building, who indicate that he arrived alone. One of them greeted him and let him into the building. This guard reports that he did not notice anything strange in the behavior of the inspector, which coincides with his colleague, who was the last person to see him alive and helped him take the elevator up to the 15th floor. According to this second guard, Colodro was calm and during the minutes he spent with him in the elevator they did not exchange many words.apart from greeting him and accepting to take him up to his office, since he was completing his first day of work in that place.

The guard says that he did not hear any abnormal noise from inside the building during the more than two hours that the controller was inside.

Three other colleagues from Colodro also testified and during the course of the afternoon another five people gave their testimony, making a total of of ten witnesses who testified via informative means.

They indicated that they met with Colodro after noon on Saturday in another building in the Equipetrol area.. They indicated that they only dealt with work issues and that the auditor left the place alone, after 4:00 p.m.

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