Policarabobo warned about the dangers of the game “48 Hour Challenge”

The Carabobo state police warned about the dangers of a game on social networks known as “48 Hour Challenge”, which encourages young people to leave their homes and cut ties with their relatives.

“In recent days, a worrying trend known as the ’48 Hour Challenge’ has emerged, which is prompting young people to leave their homes and become completely disconnected from their families for a period of two days, leaving absolutely no trace.” , says a statement from Policarabobo posted on his Instagram site.

“This dangerous initiative is spreading mainly through social networks,” warned the citizen security body, which recommends “closely monitoring the activity of young people on the Internet and social networks, to detect any indication of their participation in this challenge. dangerous”.

And in case of any disappearance or suspicion that a member of the family nucleus is involved, Policarabobo recommended immediately contacting the corresponding emergency numbers.

“The safety and well-being of our young people must be an absolute priority in these alarming times,” concludes the Carabobo state security force.

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