Official inflation preview drops to 0.69% in March

Official inflation preview drops to 0.69% in March

The Extended Consumer Price Index 15 (IPCA-15), which measures the preview of official inflation, registered a variation of 0.69% in March of this year. The rate is lower than the 0.76% of February of this year and the 0.95% of March of last year.Official inflation preview drops to 0.69% in March

According to the data published in this fridayOn Thursday (24th) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the IPCA-15 accumulates an inflation rate of 2.01% in the year. In 12 months, the accumulated rate is 5.36%, below the 5.63% accumulated until February.

Of the nine groups of products and services surveyed, eight had high prices in the preview of seaço, with emphasis on transport, with an inflation rate of 1.50%. The result was mainly influenced by the 5.76% increase in gasoline prices.

After transport, the main impacts came from health and personal care (1.18%) and housing (0.81%). In the first group, the main impact came from perfumes (5.88%), and in housing, the main factor responsible for the high prices was residential electricity (2.85%).

Food and beverages also recorded inflation (0.20%), but at a lower rate than in the previous of February (0.39%). The drop in the index in this group came from items such as potatoes (-13.14%), tomatoes (-6.34%), onions (-12.13%), soybean oil (-2.47%), sirloin steak (-2.04%) and chicken pieces (-1.94%).

Household items was the only expenditure group with deflation (falling prices): -0.18%. The other groups had the following inflation rates in the preview of seation: communication (0.75%), personal expenses (0.28%), clothing (0.11%) and education (0.08%).

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