OCDH: At least 354 repressive actions in the month of Josep Borrell’s visit to Cuba

MIAMI, United States. – The Cuban Observatory of Human Rights (OCDH) denounced this Monday at least 354 repressive actions that occurred in Cuba throughout May, the month of the view of Josep Borrellhead of European diplomacy, to the Island and a few weeks before the Summit between the European Union and Latin America.

Of the 354 repressive actions reported, 83 were some type of arbitrary detention. In addition to the arrests, the OCDH observer network on the island recorded another 271 abuses, including 94 housing sieges, police summonses, harassment of activists, threats, and fines.

According to the NGO, in May at least 76 abuses were committed against political prisoners in prisons, “in the midst of extreme conditions of hunger, unsanitary conditions, and overcrowding, and the attempt by the political police and the prison system to end a hunger strike.” of 15 political prisoners, in the framework of the visit of Mr. Borrell”.

“In Cuba, repression continues for political reasons. The lack of interest of the democracies, beginning with the European Union, in the demand for human rights in Cuba, together with the rapprochement of the Cuban regime with Russia, do not augur positive changes in terms of freedoms,” the OCDH concluded.

The organization also regretted that Borrell ignored the human rights agenda on the island and did not have a word of encouragement for the relatives of the more than 1,000 political prisoners.

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