OAS recognizes the importance of maintaining the denunciation of the repression that Nicaragua is experiencing

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) held a session on June 7 to present a summary of the organization’s Working Group on the crisis in Nicaragua.

The document presented summarizes all the work of that group from 2018 to 2023, despite the fact that the Ortega regime decided in 2021 to denounce the OAS Charter and leave the continental organization.

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It also highlights the support that, since the beginning of the social protests, the OAS has given the Nicaraguan people; also expressing their “concern about the violence exercised in the context of the crisis.”

At the same time, they point to the more than 20 OAS activities where the problem of Nicaragua, the imprisonment and exile of political prisoners were addressed; the demand for the cessation of the repression by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, as well as the situation of contempt of Nicaragua regarding the decisions of the Court.

Regarding the institutional and human rights situation in the country, the OAS indicated that in all this time there has been no type of progress “and it continues to have the seriousness that has been indicated by the General Secretariat, the IACHR, as well as other organizations on repeated occasions before this Permanent Council.”

Likewise, it was proposed to continue including the issue in all available forums to find a way out of the crisis, despite the country’s departure from the OAS.

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For its part, the Urnas Abiertas observatory affirmed that it supported the call to include the situation in Nicaragua in the debate forums. They also urged the governments of the different countries to continue taking the necessary measures and actions to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, “and not leave the Nicaraguan people alone who continue to resist to recover democratic governance.”

Since 2018, the OAS has demanded that the Government of Nicaragua respect human rights and cease the repression against Nicaraguans, which led the dictator Daniel Ortega to attack the organization, denouncing, on November 19, 2021, the letter of the Organization and made the decision to leave, after describing it as meddling. This coming November is the two-year term for Nicaragua to leave the organization.

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