Norwegian giant, leader in HR software in Latin America, buys successful Peruvian startup

Norwegian giant, leader in HR software in Latin America, buys successful Peruvian startup

The renowned Peruvian startup Mandü, dedicated to developing for the joins from this week to one of the leading companies in the market of solutions of in Latin America and Europe: the prestigious Norwegian technology company Visma.

The demands of the private sector, worldwide, require new and better strategies that allow organizations to innovate in their talent and culture management processes. This acquisition will unite the power of one of the most important software companies in Europe and Latin America with the dynamism of the Peruvian company that has earned a name in the management, development and empowerment of the work teams of renowned companies.

“As a Peruvian startup, being part of Visma is a great opportunity that allows us to reinforce our commitment to improve the experience of people in their jobs and, of course, the results of the companies. Now that we will work on a larger scale, and with more resources for the Latam corporate market, our commitment continues to be focused on helping more companies to have teams that are committed and aligned with the business vision”, mentioned Sebastián Nadal, one of the founders. of Mandu.

Visma, which has been present in Latin America since 2018 with an expansion project that, so far, has reached countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, among others, continues to add value in the different markets. Today, with Mandü and other recent acquisitions, they reach more than 5,000 clients in Latin America.

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“Mandü is a different software company, because it makes people fall in love with its state-of-the-art technology, its prestigious clients and, above all, its people. I am convinced that this new platform will add enormous value to our community and will allow companies to simplify talent management without losing focus on their business,” said Álvaro Capobianco, CEO of VISMA in Latin America and the main promoter of this strategic purchase.

Visma’s approach to the operation is based on integrating the two solutions with which Mandü has already been working to achieve its success:

  • Employee Engagement: whose objective is to enhance the commitment of a company’s collaborators through measurement, management of the collaborator’s experience and the work environment.
  • Performance Management: It allows monitoring the performance of a company’s collaborators and detecting their development opportunities, in order to then close said gaps. In addition, it allows to measure the potential in order to identify the talents in each organization and work with them in the development of their career paths.

But, in addition, Visma’s global experience will allow Mandü to expand its portfolio of services to other areas of human resources immediately, such as personnel selection, training management, payroll management, among others, from a centered on the collaborator that brings them closer to their purpose: “designing a world where working well is possible”.

Finally, Nadal pointed out that this operation, unprecedented in our country, marks an important milestone in the Peruvian entrepreneurial ecosystem, highlighting what a group of young people can achieve when they are aligned and committed around the same vision. Since its inception, Mandü has sought to positively impact people’s lives by improving the work experience and today, thanks to Visma, it will have a greater reach and the opportunity to reach more employees.


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