Nexa announces suspension of operations at Cerro Lindo mine after blockade

Nexa announces suspension of operations at Cerro Lindo mine after blockade

The Nexa company reported on Tuesday that the underground mine , , will suspend its operations due to almost a week of illegal blockades of the access roads by a group of people.

In a statement, the company pointed out that the people who have been restricting the free traffic of the roads belong to associations that do not have the support or representation of the peasant community of Chavín, so they do not have any power to negotiate the agreements that Nexa maintains with the population.

In addition, he stated that “this arbitrary and illegal action”Affects, so far, about 2,000 workers who are prevented from returning to their homes after finishing their working day.

This illegal blockade has also been preventing the supply of supplies, including basic necessities such as food, as well as critical supplies to guarantee the health and safety of our staff.”, Indicated the mining company.

He also assured that the environmental and operational sustainability of the mining company is being affected, which has generated a progressive reduction in the rate of production until it comes to a complete standstill.

The company clarified that it has been in dialogue and complying with the commitments and deadlines prioritized by the leadership of the peasant community of Chavín with respect to social and productive initiatives.

It could affect the mining canon

Given this situation, Nexa indicated that future investments in Peru and the collection of the mining canon could be compromised.

In the last three years, the presence of Nexa has contributed with an estimated of more than US $ 100 million to the economy of the region, between the hiring of workers and local suppliers, the investment in projects and social initiatives and the collection of the canon. and royalties.

The continuity of this situation of conflict and instability to operate may compromise future investments of Nexa in Peru, affecting the collection of the mining canon and also damaging the more than 8,500 direct jobs (own and third parties) that the company currently generates in the country”, He said in his letter.

He added that if the blockade is maintained, the supply of the Cajamarquilla refinery in Lima, which is the largest supplier of metallic zinc for the Peruvian industry, could be affected.

Along these lines, the mining consortium called on the highest authorities of the Government and the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) to propose an immediate solution to the illegal blockade, and also urged the competent authorities to reestablish public order and security in the area.


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