New president of the Supreme Court of Justice could be closing doors facilitating corruption, says Bernal

The lawyer and analyst Miguel Antonio Bernal, referred to the entry of the new magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) and the choice of the new directive, stating that an advertising propaganda has been unleashed by the Government, trying to make him sell the idea to the public opinion that with the arrival of these and with the renewal of the board, things are going to change in that state body.

“I think that everyone wants things to change, but its structures, corruption and its high levels that exist there, the lack of transparency, accountability, make it very difficult to pretend that corrections can be made there. if we are immersed in an environment that does not allow this type of practice ”, added the lawyer.

In Bernal’s consideration, the “good will” that the new president of the CSJ, Judge María Eugenia López, wants to have, “with open doors and others, I would take it with chopsticks because everyone who arrives there always arrives saying the same thing and they are closing doors and windows, and they work within an obscurantism that facilitates corruption and judicial delay, and behaviors that are far from due process ”.

He asserted that there are many people who like to sell and buy illusions, causing us not to get out of this vortex that we find ourselves where impunity and corruption have managed to erode the most precious values ​​that a society can have and that deserves to exist in our country. .

Regarding the departure of the past magistrates, the lawyer said that they spent 10 years doing everything, except fulfilling their functions both in accordance with the law and what the Constitution says. “What’s more, people don’t even remember them anymore, it’s better not to remember them anymore,” he said.

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