New disagreement and ultimatum from the union to the dairy industry chamber

The conflict in the dairy industry continues, now with a new focus of contention and an ultimatum from the workers; If there is no solution this Thursday, on Friday they will resume the measure of working according to regulations and next week they will hold a national plenary session to study other measures, including a 24-hour strike at the national level.

So far, the conflict has been spreading, basically, due to a peace clause in which workers and employers did not coincide.

This week an agreement was reached (the clause will reach totally in some cases and partially in others) in that aspect, but another problem arose: how to pay a batch of money to the workers.

As had been discussed, the item would be paid in 2024, on a monthly basis and for $2,000 per worker.

Luis Goichea, a member of the Federation of Dairy Industry Workers (FTIL), explained to The Observer that the problem arose because “the CILU changed the concept of payment”, and suggested delivering the item in two installments of $12,000. In addition, because it was proposed that “it was paid if the parties agreed, which was like saying, if the CILU wanted to pay it,” he said.

“The axis of the discussion changed, today the thing is blocked by that game. All very well, but a game linked to the will, no”, remarked the union leader.

This Wednesday the FTIL and the Chamber of the Dairy Industry of Uruguay (CILU) met with authorities from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), within the framework of the negotiation by the Salary Council.

After the meeting, the FTIL issued a statement (see below), while the CILU decided to meet to assess, together with its partners, what happened in this tripartite sphere.

The advance is “very slow”, indicated sources of the camera a The Observer, from where it was highlighted that they are working on a rapprochement with the workers’ union.

FTIL statement.

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