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Neighborhood pedestrians will have a second edition

The Municipality of Montevideo continues to promote the pedestrian use of the city, the enjoyment of public space and the active mobility of people. Neighborhood pedestrians is a community program that allowed neighbors to apply for streets free of motors to be pedestrianized, carry out leisure, recreational activities and meet on certain days and times.

In the month of May, 21 streets in municipalities A, B, D, E, F and G were freed from motors and became the scene of leisure, recreational and meeting activities.

Soon the Intendancy will reopen the call for this program so that the community can make proposals for new neighborhood pedestrian walkways. Those that are selected will be specified from September.

The streets in which the pedestrians were carried out were:

  • Torres Creek (Punta Gorda)
  • Chicago (Borough)
  • Orinoco (Malvin)
  • Jose Canas (Under Valencia)
  • Plaza Cagancha Ring Road (Center)
  • Carlos Gardel, Durazno, Andes, Zelmar Michelini (South Quarter)
  • Verona (Rivera Park)
  • Antonio Martínez (Hippodrome Gardens)
  • Perez Gomar (Diving)
  • Charlemagne (Fine Italy)
  • Salavarrieta (Rail Point)
  • Confederate and Picaflor (Reconciliation)

Pedestrianization proposals

On Sunday, the pedestrianization will cover Buschental Avenue, from Lucas Obes to Delmira Agustini Avenue, and Delmira Agustini Avenue, from Buschental to León Ribeiro Avenue, both in the Prado.

Avenida 18 de Julio will continue to be pedestrianized on the second Saturday of each month, with various activities coordinated by the Paseo Centro group. During the winter months the boulevard will not be pedestrianized, which will resume from September.

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