Negotiations progress so that the University of the Republic settles in Soriano and Colonia

For Deputy Martín Melazzi, Colorado Party, Soriano. We continue to work hard on a round trip with authorities from the University of the Republic (Udelar), to bring face-to-face tertiary education closer to the region made up of Colonia and Soriano.

We reaffirm that the university will result in our young people not having to emigrate from the department and the region to go to study, which means that they will later settle in other areas of the country.

That is why we received again, in the office of the deputation, together with the mayor Andrés Centurión, the Rector of Udelar, Rodrigo Arim, to discuss the steps to follow so that Soriano and Colonia can have face-to-face Tertiary Education.

The excellent disposition of the Rector allows us to continue dreaming of achieving important advances in this period of government.

Such is the case, that in the report of the Udelar for the 2021 exercise presented to the Executive Power in view of the Rendering of Accounts, it states as one of the general objectives to deepen the process of expansion and growth in consolidated Regional University Centers, which develop the functions quality college. In this sense, one of the actions proposed is to concretize its work in the South-West Region.

The report goes on to say that this year the feasibility study of the aforementioned Region began, for which the Rector and the President of the Coordinating Commission of the Interior maintained contact with the Municipalities of Colonia and Soriano, contacts with the Support Unit Academic and beginning of the corresponding work.
For its part, for the year 2022, progress is expected and the presentation of a first report on the feasibility study of the South-Oese Region (Colonia-Soriano) to specify the actions to be followed in the future.

We will convene all the legislators of the departments of Colonia and Soriano to take a specific proposal about the need for the installation of the University of the Republic in the South-West Region, to the Integrated Commission of Finance and Budget of the Parliament of Uruguay to that the necessary economic resources be sought and made available for such purposes in the 2021 Accountability Report.
“We are not going to loosen up because this is not a duty but a right of all Sorianenses.”

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