Asegura fuerza del pueblo se perfila invencibles en 2024

Ensures strength of the people is outlined invincible in 2024

The leader of the People’s Force (FP) Luis Hernández assured that the party and its top leader Leonel Fernández are shaping up to be invincible for the 2024 elections.

Hernández, president of the First District of the FP in Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo province, said that the work carried out by the organization and the reception they have in broad sectors of the population guarantees victory in the next elections.

Luis Hernández spoke in those terms when speaking before hundreds of members and sympathizers of the People’s Force, during an assembly held this Wednesday at the premises of District One, in Santo Domingo Este.

The members of the Central and Executive Directorate were present at the Assembly, as well as those responsible for Middle Directorates and other organizations of the First Circumscription, among others.

The activity was convened to publicize the regulations and statutory norms that will govern from now on in the People’s Force.

In his speech, the president of the First Circumscription highlighted the importance of the topics discussed on the new guidelines that regulate the institutional life of the FP.

He stressed that these guidelines will mark the route of the work to be carried out to guarantee the victory of Dr. Leonel Fernández and the other candidates for elective positions that the FP will present in the 2024 elections.

Hernández appreciated that the reception of the People’s Force is increasing in broad sectors of the Dominican population, which is aware that a statesman with a vision of the present and the future of the stature of Dr. Leonel Fernández is the ideal way out, adequate , so that the Dominican nation can face the great challenges ahead and return to the path of development, progress, modernization and transformation in all orders.

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