Hugo Espino denies version of Yenifer Paredes about payment delivered to the Government Palace

The manager of the JJM Espino company, Hugo Espino, denied today that he had made any payment at the Government Palace to sister-in-law of President Pedro Castillo who assured the Prosecutor’s Office that she did receive her salary in cash at least once in those facilities.

He specified before the prosecutor Hans Aguirre, a member of the special team that investigates Castillo’s environment, the places where Espino paid him for his drafting services of “documents, minutes, registration, annexes”

“When we met, when he traveled here to Lima, he visited me at the Government Palace/Residence, there he paid me or in Cajamarca he also paid me, at my cousin’s house he also paid me,” said the sister of the first lady Lilia Paredes last Tuesday, July 19.

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She also acknowledged that she worked for that company between August and October 2021, that her salary amounted to S / 1,500 and that she received the payment physically.

When asked about this assertion, Espino denied in an interview with Radio Exitosa that he had given money to Paredes at Pizarro’s house.

“I have made payments at the house of a lady, a relative (of Yenifer Paredes) I have gone and delivered the payment (…) that is something that I mentioned to the authority, I have not made payments at the Government Palace, it has There have been times when I have made small payments for an advance but never (at the Palace),” he said.

Yenifer Paredes, Pedro Castillo's sister-in-law, testified before the Prosecutor's Office on July 19 (GEC)
Yenifer Paredes, Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law, testified before the Prosecutor’s Office on July 19 (GEC)

This newspaper also reported that it was Yenifer Paredes, already with Pedro Castillo as president, who recommended Espino to the mayor of Chadín, César Castillo, to carry out the first steps of a sanitation work in that town of Cajamarca.

In this regard, Espino admitted that it was the mayor who contacted him for that job. “The private company and I are the ones with experience, in this case they were consultancies,” he said.

Paredes and Espino are investigated for the crime of influence peddling. The relative of the head of state was recorded while he offered a sanitation work in Chádin on behalf of the 31-year-old engineer’s firm.


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