National Census Rehearsal Announced for Next October

A rehearsal for the national census that will take place next October will be held on May 7, the National Institute of Statistics (INE) announced on Monday.

Source: EFE

The experimental census will take place in the cities of Lambaré, in the Central department, and December 25, which belongs to San Pedro, said the director of the INE, Iván Ojeda, according to a statement released by that entity.

That day, more than 2,500 volunteers are expected to visit some 20,000 homes and register approximately 70,000 people.

In urban areas, the drill is expected to last one day (Saturday, May 7).

However, it can be extended to around two weeks in rural areas and indigenous communities.

For the simulation, a questionnaire of 79 questions will be used that will consult, among aspects, sex, age, education, language, marital status and work activity.

In addition, issues such as migration, ethnicity, Afro-descendant population, among others, will be addressed.

This year’s census is expected to be held on a Wednesday in October. The date will be defined by decree.

Paraguay holds the census every ten years, the last being in 2012. In that year, it was estimated that the country had 6,461,041 inhabitants.

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