"My heart is happy," says Miguel Mendoza's daughter, after a second visit

“My heart is happy,” says Miguel Mendoza’s daughter, after a second visit

The chronicler and political prisoner Miguel Mendoza He was visited for the second time this December by his eight-year-old daughter Alejandra. In addition, four of his brothers and one of his nephews were allowed to visit him as well.

The emotion for the minor was greater than the first time —on December 8— when the Daniel Ortega dictatorship allowed her, after more than 500 days incommunicado, to hug her father at the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), in Managua .

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“This December 25, for the honor and glory of God, Alejandra shared again with him – Miguel Mendoza – and she felt the happiest girl in the world,” her relatives expressed through the Facebook account. Miguel Mendoza.

The youngest — Mendoza’s family narrates — expressed many times to the sports journalist: “Dad, I’m excited, I can’t believe we’re together again. My heart is happy, it is beating very fast. I love you daddy! I want you to go with me. I don’t want to leave you here.”

Unlike 2021, Mendoza’s relatives expressed that “it was a very difficult December for the family, because they did not allow us to have any kind of communication with Miguel. Alejandra came to think that God had forgotten about her at Christmas. It hurts a lot to see her cry”, however, this month they have been able to see it twice.

Four brothers and a nephew were able to see them for the first time

The Police at the service of the Ortega regime allowed Miguel Mendoza to spend four hours with his daughter, his life partner Margin Pozo, four of his brothers and a nephew, who visited him for the first time.

During the visit that lasted four hours, the Mendoza brothers were able to hug him and share a pleasant moment with the family, since the last time they could see him was on June 14, 2021.

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“We are very impressed to see how skinny he is, because Miguel has lost 30 pounds and has not gained in the last month,” he told Article 66 Ramón Mendoza, Miguel’s brother.

“One of our brothers’ legs buckled when he was impressed with how he is, but we managed to be with him and enjoy that emotional time and between tears and prayer to God.”

“We updated him on the World Cup, the “Chocolate” fight, the change in the name of the baseball state, and above all, we informed him about our mother, because it is one of Miguel’s concerns,” added the brother of the prisoner of conscience. .

Daughter of Miguel Mendoza to the Ortega regime: “I have the right to see my father”

Mendoza’s relatives were able to take photographs of her mother and her siblings, as well as food that they were able to share and deliver to the journalist. “There was more surveillance and the photographs were not lacking, but thank God there was no aggression or disrespect,” Ramón Mendoza stressed.

For her part, journalist Margin Pozo said that the separation process has been “difficult, painful and unfair, — but — we have learned to live in faith and leave everything in God’s hands.

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“We can share that – God – has indeed heard our prayers, has witnessed our suffering and even more so that of a girl, who in these 18 months had only asked for a hug from her father,” he added.

Faith that he will go free

Regarding the more than 18 months deprived of liberty, Mendoza’s family recounted that “the days in that confinement, without reading and writing, are desperate,” since the dictatorship continues to deprive him of that right.

However, they affirm with aplomb that “our faith is placed in the God of the universe and we know that the miracle of his freedom will come soon.”

Miguel Mendoza gives up his hunger strike after promising to see his daughter.  Photo: Official media.
"My heart is happy," says Miguel Mendoza's daughter, after a second visit

Miguel sends you many greetings (…) He wishes that on these special dates they could hug or have communication with their loved ones. And that he prays for each of you, so that your table does not lack food, “concluded the life partner of the political prisoner.

The journalist and critic of the Ortega y Murillo regime was jailed in June 2021, in the middle of a hunt for union leaders. He was found guilty of the crimes of conspiracy to undermine the national integrity and propagation of false news, through repressive laws directed against opponents. The Ortega y Murillo court sentenced him to nine years in prison.

Another visit that the police authorities allowed to the political prisoners held in “El Nuevo Chipote” is scheduled for December 31, on the occasion of the New Year holidays.

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