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MP: doctors who did a hair transplant on “El Duke” practiced without permission

The prosecutor’s office also pointed out that the doctors operated in an allegedly clandestine office, which has already been closed by the Health Comptroller of the Ministry of Health.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will charge anesthesiologists Jesús Villegas and Eileen Yepez because they performed a hair implant surgery on Jesús Amoroso, a singer known as “El Duke” and son of Comptroller Elvis Amoroso, without having the necessary qualifications and due expertise to do so. It was not specified what specific charges they are accused of.

The information was released by prosecutor Tarek William Saab, appointed by the now-defunct Constituent Assembly.

According to the publication shared by the official on his official Twitter account, the Venezuelan Society of Dermatology informed the Public Ministry that said procedure must be performed by a dermatologist or a surgeon with training in hair transplantation.

«Once the alleged malpractice has been generated medical, the transfer of Jesus Hidrobo to a health center that would attend to this serious emergency, it inexplicably took an hour and a half to process. This despite the fact that just 200 meters away there is a clinic that could have attended immediately said contingency and solve with due logistics the severity that occurred to the patient, “wrote the prosecutor.

In this sense, the prosecution also pointed out that the anesthesiologists operated in an allegedly clandestine office, which, by the way, has already been closed by the Health Comptroller of the Ministry of Health when verifying its lack of permits.

Saab reported on the night of Thursday, June 8, about the arrest of these two doctors for their alleged responsibility for the “serious damage” they caused the singer. That day he reported that the 94th Prosecutor’s Office with national competence was the one that processed the arrest warrant against Villegas and Yepez.

His presentation will be before the control court 21 of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Caracas, said the prosecutor, but did not give further details about it.

According to official information, the son of comptroller Amoroso is in a delicate state of health

During the last weeks it had been reported that El Duke had suffered an adverse reaction to the anesthesia that he was administered to undergo a cosmetic operation. However, the relatives have not reported details of his real situation.

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