City Hall notifies owners of motorcycle workshops for invasion of sidewalks

City Hall notifies owners of motorcycle workshops for invasion of sidewalks

June 10, 2023, 3:59 PM

June 10, 2023, 3:59 PM

The Santa Cruz City Hall carried out this Saturday an operation to the motorcycle workshops that are located on the second ring road, between Melchor Pinto and Brasil avenues, because, according to the complaints from the neighbors, they invade public space every day.

“We have carried out this operation in this area to free up sidewalks that are used by motorcycle shops. We have not made any seizures, but we are notifying the owners so that in the event that they ignore the rules, the confiscation will be carried out there,” explained Deybi Cruz, operational chief of Public Space Inspection, adding that these controls will be daily.

This action by municipal officials It was in coordination with the residents of the area, who daily have to deal with this invasion of public space.

Jhonny Roca, president of the neighborhood council of the Villa Adela neighborhood, indicated that not only have they had problems with the occupation of the sidewalks but also there have been cases where some of the workers in these workshops have harassed students that circulate in the area.

“Also there are the cases of two people who have slipped in the rainy season due to mud and grease they leave the workshops that is like soap,” said the neighborhood leader.

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