Program “To dance”: What happened to its presenters?

MADRID, Spain.- On June 10, 1978, the program was broadcast for the first time To dance of Cuban television. The space, created by Eduardo Cáceres Manso and broadcast until March 26, 1983, paralyzed Cuba every Sunday. In To dance young people appeared who had to demonstrate their talent by dancing.

Renowned Cuban music, television and theater personalities came out of the popular space, including its first hosts: Alberto Pujol, Lili Rentería, Néstor Jiménez, Carlos Otero and Salvador Blanco. Today we remember how the career of these artists continued after To dance.

Lili Renteria

After the success of To dance, Lili Rentería joined the cast of the film The survivors (1979), under the direction of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea. A few years later she graduated from the National School of Art (ENA).

In 1991 he traveled to Venezuela, where he developed a large part of his career and appeared in several soap operas. In 1997 she came to the United States, where she continued her acting career in theater, film and television with great success.

In Miami, she founded the “Teatro Abanico”, where she began her work as a producer with The last of the lovers by Neil Simon. He also produces art exhibitions, film series, conferences, musical and dance concerts.

Lili Rentería is part of the cast of plantedfilm of Lilo Vilaplana Released last year, it is inspired by the story of more than a thousand of the first female opponents of Fidel Castro’s regime.

albertico pujol

One of the most popular faces on Cuban television for years, Albertico Pujol, also directed his career towards acting after To dance. His first appearances on the big screen, which would be followed by many, were in the films border guards (1981) and The birds shooting the shotgun (1984).

His characters on television also remain in the memory of the Cuban audience, including those played for the serials Your own war, Thank you Doctor and Water violets.

In 2011 he left Cuba for good and currently resides in Miami, where he settled after years in Colombia. In both countries she continued her acting career.

Due to his public denunciations of the situation in Cuba, the regime has prohibited him from returning to the island since 2019.

Nestor Jimenez

Remembered for his performances in movies like The birds shooting the shotgun, Sapphires, blue madness, My partner Manolo and Plaff or Too afraid of life, Néstor Jiménez has also developed a long career in film, theater and television.

Jiménez, an ENA graduate who continues his career in Cuba, has appeared in soap operas such as Diana, look againry You. For years he has been a member of the Vital Teatro group, directed by Alejandro Palomino.

white savior

One of the most popular presenters of the program was Salvador Blanco. In the years when it was issued To dance he was separated from space and imprisoned for three years for an attempt to leave Cuba. In 1985 he managed to leave the island for Europe and in 1990 he settled in the United States.

In the northern country he has developed a long career as an actor, entertainer and presenter.

Carlos Otero

After the expulsion of Salvador Blanco from the program, he was replaced by Carlos Otero, one of the most charismatic and well-known entertainers on Cuban television.

Many believed that it was Otero who had reported Blanco’s departure from the country, but Otero has denied the accusations on different occasions. In interview with Cuba Encounter He recounted that one day State Security came to his house to inform him that Salvador Blanco was detained for attempting to leave the country illegally, and that they were interviewing his co-workers to see if they knew anything.

“I, of course, told them the truth, that I knew nothing. Salvador and I had two different styles, but we had a good relationship, we even celebrated our birthdays together a couple of times: he visited my house and I visited his, ”he explained.

Carlos Otero comments that after his imprisonment they asked him to replace him in To dance. “I think that’s where the rumor comes from that I told on him,” he considers.

Carlos Otero, based in Miami, and who has been outside Cuba for 16 years, is especially remembered on the island for leading the humorous Saturdaywhere artists such as Osvaldo Doimeadiós, Boncó Quiñongo, Antolín El Pichón, Gustavito and Ulises Toirac passed through.

Almost from his arrival in Miami he became the host of the TN3 show on América TV, where he remained until last year.

He currently runs his program The Hour of Carlos Livewhich airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays on Facebook and YouTube.

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