Mother's Day: online sales would grow by 50% in this campaign, estimates the CCL

Mother’s Day: online sales would grow by 50% in this campaign, estimates the CCL

Due to the fact that e-commerce is one of the channels that has been promoted the most in the pandemic, it is expected that due to the campaign of the businesses manage to increase their online sales by up to 50% compared to previous weeks, projected the (CCL).

However, if compared to the respective online campaign in 2021, the growth in transactions would be 20%, the union said.

Regarding the amount that online buyers will spend, the leader of the Information Technologies and Electronic Commerce Area of ​​the CCL, Jaime Montenegro, estimated that 50% will pay between S/ 250 and S/ 500. More than 20% will invest S/ 1,000 in a purchase, whose transactions will be directed mainly to the technology and electro categories.

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What will be the most popular products?

The executive stated that the most demanded products in this campaign belong to the technology, electro, fashion and beauty categories. However, many other categories are also promoted, such as gifts and accessories such as bags, watches, jewelry, etc.

He added that a very high demand for food delivery orders is also expected during the same day and the day before.

Another point that he considered is that on these special dates people usually buy more than one gift, therefore, an average of two gifts per person is estimated; since electronic commerce gives them the possibility of buying from home or office.

Online buyers have at their disposal different portals that offer confidence, in addition to avoiding having to go to physical stores, and in some cases traveling long distances”, commented Jaime Montenegro.

Will there be offers?

With regard to commercial strategies, several of these businesses will establish an attractive mix of products offered, that is, with discounts or promotions such as 2×1; however, there will be products that will not have this benefit.

Due to the complicated international context (war conflict between Russia and Ukraine and increase in sea freight) it is logical to understand that certain imported products have a higher base price, and in this line, there will be products to which discounts will not be applied. Determining which products will have them and which will maintain their normal price will depend on the strategy of each business“, said.

With all these expectations, the CCL considered that, after facing the most critical stage of the pandemic, online sales have not had a brake and, quite the contrary, they will continue with a growing behavior.

Special dates, such as Mother’s Day, are awaited by the various businesses, because there are great possibilities of continuing to increase their sales”, noted Jaime Montenegro.


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