“No me iré del PRM, daré la batalla por los excluidos”, dice Guido

“I will not leave the PRM, I will fight for the excluded”, says Guido

Santo Domingo.- The political leader Guido Gómez Mazara assured that he will not leave the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and that he will continue to fight in that political organization, because its nature is to defend democratic values, the less favored sectors and the excluded.

Gómez Mazara said that this is the scenario where he feels best, since he identifies with the excluded, who feel disappointment and mistreatment when they do not receive respectful compensation for their efforts. His attitude, he said, is the product of the teachings of leader José Francisco Peña Gómez.

He also expressed his decision to return to the patios, alleys, municipalities, with his diaspora companions and citizens not linked to parties, in order to structure a broad and sincere dialogue. He called these tours “Citizen Encounters”.

Mazara, who defined himself as a defender of democratic values, was confident that they will win the battle against the constant authoritarian manifestations promoted by those always ready to adapt their tricks to the processes of political competition.

Although he acknowledged being disappointed that the unfortunate behavior of the old party house is repeated in the new party, he considered that an organization cannot be reduced to the strictly conjunctural agenda.

“Fortunately, the middle leadership and the base of the party always act with greater intelligence and sanity than exponents of their elites and tend to establish mature interpretations of the behavior of their actors,” said the Perremeista leader who aspired to preside over the official organization.

In what has been a constant in his speech, raising the defense of the bases of the PRM, Mazara expressed the need for the men and women who helped the PRM in victory to have the opportunity to serve from the Government.

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For Gomez Mazarawho advocated for the PRM to hold a convention through universal, direct and secret voting and which led to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), his inalienable will to defend transparent and democratic procedures will not be synonymous with entering the field of fratricidal conflict because he interprets in broad scenarios the levels of acceptance and sense of identity with the causes he defends.

He criticized what he called “essential shortcoming of a part of our party class”, which lies in the scant democratic culture and marked interest in making genuflection the rite par excellence to believe leaders and political leaders.

Under the slogan “new goals await us” Gomez Mazara, He said that his priority is to include those who are never heard, and who are used within the electoral enthusiasm, basically betting not to lose faith and articulate majorities capable of crystallizing a real change.

He revealed that for a period of six months he will be dedicated to opening a space to connect with the student who is hopeless, with the merchant harmed by being trapped in networks of complicity that benefit only those who campaign and with the intellectuals who are terrified by the oligarchic seal of the government sector.

Among these sectors that he also mentioned, to relate to and listen to, are the mothers traumatized by inflation, the defenders of the institutional framework who see aberrational signs of some emblematic figures acting in defense of well-known embezzlers of public funds, and angry colleagues because they cannot find participation in the Government.

Do not bet on the failure of the Government

Despite the fact that the leader of the PRM observes with concern tendencies to privilege the usual, he said that the government’s bet on failure is not in line with its democratic values, and working so that there are actions that benefit everyone. This without entering the fratricidal conflict.

“After the term of the meetings, I will listen to the hearts of the people in the interest of advancing the proposals that rebuild faith in the party model and a management that shows true closeness to the people. And it’s very simple: new goals to reach await us,” he said.

Mazara spoke of those who try to harm and attack him and who have a heart full of poison, and considered that the well-being of the people cannot be affected by brawls sponsored by those who have no sense of history, and who repeat offenses, therefore , in error.

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