Moquegua: community members would lift this Thursday strike at the Cuajone mine after agreements with the Executive

Moquegua: community members would lift this Thursday strike at the Cuajone mine after agreements with the Executive

The regional prefect of Moquegua, Guillermo Rea Tito, announced that this Thursday the protest that the community members of Tumilaca, Pocata, Coscore and Tala have complied with for more than 50 days around the Cuajone mine, operated by the Southern Peru company, would be lifted. and that has left more than 5,000 people without drinking water.

“The community has met yesterday from 9 in the morning (…) and until late at night they consider this resolution project approved (to the problem in the Cuajone mine). According to the last meeting, what corresponds is that the community release the water and the railway, it must be today”, Rea told Canal N.

In a statement, the community members indicated that their general assembly decided to accept the resolution of the Secretary of Social Management and Dialogue of the PCM, which seeks to initiate dialogue, as also stated in the agreement signed on April 12, 2022 .

From this moment we make it clear that we are placing our trust in the State, from now on it will depend on the good offices of its representatives, so that our community is recognized for the damage caused to our communal property.”, adds the document.

State of emergency

Yesterday, the Council of Ministers approved declaring a state of emergency in the province of Mariscal Nieto (Moquegua), where this social conflict is taking place, to guarantee peace.

It is because of the problems that are public knowledge, of a social conflict that has been going on for approximately two months between community members, workers and also the company.”, mentioned the Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Betssy Chávez.

Conflict in Cuajone

As is known, the community members are asking for US$ 5,000 million to attend to their claims, since they denounce an alleged contamination of three rivers and basins by operations of the Cuajone mine, owned by Southern Copper.

The workers union of the Cuajone mine He regretted that for more than 50 days he has not been able to work and there is a restriction on drinking water.


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