Minsa will vaccinate against COVID-19 on the beaches at Easter

Minsa will vaccinate against COVID-19 on the beaches at Easter

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported that vaccination against COVID-19 will not stop at Easter and that they have set up 54 mobile clinics that will be installed in the main spas throughout the country. Medical care will be provided at these sites and people who want it can be immunized against the coronavirus.

These actions of the Minsa are framed in the “Summer Plan 2022” that includes various institutions of the Nicaraguan dictatorship such as the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), Sandinista Youth (JS), Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Marena), mayors, Police, among others.

«We are going to have 170 mobile posts in recreational centers, they will be working from April 9 to 17 during Holy Week; 54 mobile clinics in spas and recreational centers to provide medical care. In terms of COVID-19 vaccination, we are not resting,” revealed the secretary general of the Minsa, Carlos Sáenz, on the official Channel 4.

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“The health workers are from Monday to Sunday and will be in the spas. In these mobile clinics, the COVID vaccine will be provided to all people who want to apply the vaccine voluntarily, “he added.

The Ortega official said that the Minsa has special thermoses, certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), that maintain the adequate temperature that the vaccines need so as not to reduce their effectiveness.

A year ago, on March 2, 2021, Nicaragua obtained the first vaccines to combat COVID-19. Those injections were donated by Russia and initially served people with chronic illnesses. According to Saenz, to date they have inoculated 5.5 million Nicaraguans with at least one dose.

He also assured that 65% of the population of Nicaragua (4.3 million inhabitants) has already received the complete biological scheme and praised the dictatorial couple, made up of Daniel Ortega and Ortega Murillo, because “they have taken titanic steps to guarantee the vaccine ” to the population.

Since the start of the pandemic, Nicaragua has accumulated a total of 18,310 COVID-19 infections, according to official figures from the Minsa. The number of deaths from the virus has reached 228, at the rate of one per week since October 2020. The official institution reported that 87 positive cases were confirmed in the last seven days.

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