The United Kingdom recorded record prices for gasoline and diesel

The United Kingdom recorded record prices for gasoline and diesel

The Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to affect global oil costs.

UK diesel prices soared again on Wednesday, giving UK citizens no respite as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to weigh on global oil costs.

Diesel soared to a record 1.76 pounds per liter ($2.30), down from almost 1.74 pounds ($2.28) on Monday, despite oil prices retreating from peak levels, according to the latest figures from the UK Automobile Club (RAC).

As well the price of gasoline increased to record highsrising to almost 1.65 pounds ($2.16) a litre.

Yet many motorists are already paying higher costs per liter than those averages, with diesel reported to hit £2.07 ($2.71) per litre, while premium petrol also topped the barrier of 2 pounds (2.62 dollars) per liter in certain stations.

According to the RAC, the new record prices mean the average family car costs £91 to fill up with petrol and £97 ($127) with diesel.

The continued price hikes come amid warnings about possible global oil supply problems.

The prospect of a supply disruption from Russia, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, pushed the price of Brent crude to $139, a 14-year high, last week.

However, that peak has since dropped to around $100.

In the meantime, Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to seek alternatives to Russian oil supplies.

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