Minerd garantiza material de bioseguridad en todos los centros educativos

Minerd guarantees biosafety material in all educational centers

Minister Roberto Fulcar, together with health authorities, supervises that warehouses have everything they need

Prior to the start of the second semester of the school year under the modality of face-to-face classes, all educational centers are guaranteed the products recommended by the health authorities for the hygiene and protection of the educational community, while the educational authorities have received the site guidelines for the application of the Biosafety Protocol, according to the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic (Minerd).

The head of Education, Roberto Fulcar, the warehouses with the director of the National system of health (SNS) and member of the Health Cabinet, doctor Mario Lama, the executive director of Teachers Health Insurance (SEMMA), Dr. Sonia Féliz, and the directors of General Services and Warehouses of the Minerd, Leo Alcántara and Francisco Plácido respectively.

«The Ministry of Education has everything necessary for the hygiene and biosecurity of the students, the teaching, managerial and administrative staff of each of the educational centers, with reserves in each of the 122 school districts and national storage to permanently supply the regional and their respective districts »Fulcar reported during his visit to the warehouses.

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The relationship of biosafety supplies purchased by the Ministry of Education for the protection of COVID19 to students, teachers, directive and support staff of Schools, Regionals and Districts throughout the country is the following:

6,300,000 surgical masks

1,963,700 KN95 masks

2,638,700 units of gloves

627,500 units of gowns

500,640 gallons of alcohol

396,400 antibacterial gel aalons

383, 688 Gallons of Liquid Soap, according to what the Minister of Education detailed.

Earlier, the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), today called on the national magisterium not to join the return of the face-to-face classes as requested by the Ministry of Education.

“We call the teachers, all our members, directors, management team, teachers, counselors, psychologists, all members of our union, not to join the classrooms until January 31, 2022“,, he pointed Eduardo Hidalgo, president of the ADP.

“There are no minimum conditions for a return to face-to-face classes,” he said. gentleman.

At the head of a press conference, the president of the ADP reiterated that it does not seek to create conflicts with the Ministry of Education. However, it assures that it cannot ignore its responsibility as a union to “care for and protect our members.”

Executive Committee ADP

Eduardo Hidalgo, assured that the ADP He is in permanent session in the face of the situation and anticipates that they will meet on Thursday to analyze the first three days of the call for non-integration in face-to-face classes.

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