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Military included in the list of violent repressors for the murder of civilians in Bahía Honda

MIAMI, United States. – The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC, for its acronym in English) included in his list of violent repressors to those responsible for the death of five Cuban migrants last weekend.

In a statement released this Monday, the FHRC condemned “the cold-blooded murder” on Friday, October 28, of five Cubans, including a two-year-old girl, when she was rammed by a Border Guard Troop boat north of Bahía Honda, Artemisa, a boat with 23 people on board.

The Ministry of the Interior assured in a press release that the boat sank when it collided with the Border Guard patrol after violating the territorial waters of Cuba, but the survivors assure that they were sunk on purpose, the FHRC specified.

“History also confirms that this is just another crime against humanity perpetrated in cold blood in the solitude of the sea by the communist regime,” the statement read.

Likewise, the FHRC recalled that in the same way “the ship ‘XX Aniversario’ was machine-gunned and bombed with civilians on board in July 1980 on the Canímar River, and thus was sunk after being rammed by the tugboat ’13 de Marzo’ in the early morning of July 13, 1994, and the men, women and children who begged for mercy from the deck were thrown into the sea with pressurized water jets.”

“Testimonies of dozens of survivors attest that the border guards systematically ram to sink the boats that carry men, women and children in their attempt to flee from hell. The past 1st. In March, the young Avilanian William Padrón Maza died as a result of serious injuries received when a boat of the Cuban Border Guard Troops rammed a speedboat that had been stranded 11 miles from Cayo Coco. This cruel method of preventing irregular departures by sea is applied especially now when the regime intends that no one leave through that route,” lamented the Miami-based organization.

“Those responsible for these cold-blooded murders will have to pay for them one day. Meanwhile, the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba makes sure that their crimes are not forgotten,” the NGO said.

The FHRC also recalled that the names of the communist leader Julián Rizo Alvarez, responsible for the Canímar massacre, already appear in its database of violent repressors; retired Brigadier General Lázaro Román Rodríguez, head of the Border Guard until October 2020 and responsible for the deaths of at least 42 people in the sinking of the tugboat ‘March 13’ and others due to drowning or gunshots; the current head of that body Jorge Argelio Samper Muarra and Jorge Luis Navarro Nolasco, head of the Northwest Border Guard Detachment that covers Bahía Honda.

“We have also added two new violent repressors, Lieutenant Colonels Leovanys Cutiño Rodríguez and Raidel Rodríguez López, Chief of Staff and Chief of Operations, respectively, of the aforementioned Northwest Border Guard Detachment, which covers Bahía Honda. While their time comes to face justice, let them suffer the shame that their neighbors and relatives know that they lend themselves daily to commit these crimes against humanity. And that those who today mourn for Elizabeth, Aymara, Nathali, Omar and Rachel and suffer uncertainty for the disappeared also know them”, concludes the NGO.

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