"These are people who are stained," says AMLO about former presidents Zedillo and Calderón

“These are people who are stained,” says AMLO about former presidents Zedillo and Calderón

Salinas, ‘the father of inequality’

About Carlos Salinas, president of Mexico between 1988 and 1994 and who was recently informed that he received his Spanish nationality, the president described him as “the father of inequality.”

“Yesterday it was announced that he has already become Spanish, they have already given him Spanish nationality. He is another character, the father of modern inequality in our country and that is where he started it all”, he commented.

“I’m glad because I don’t have any anger and much less hate them…these potentates reach a level of alienation that they don’t realize why they are frowned upon because in fact before all this was tolerated, they looted and they didn’t even lose their respectability,” mentioned.

“Ternuritas”, AMLO responds to Calderón and Zedillo for criticizing the 4T

Forum in Spain against Lula

The president considered that the Forum “20 years of FIL: Democracy and Freedom” had as its purpose not only to criticize his government, but also to demonstrate against Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, because it was held 10 days before the second round of elections. elections in Brazil.

“Do you think this was so spontaneous? It occurs before the election in Brazil, of course they take Zedillo and they take Calderón and the reading here is against the president of Mexico, yes too, but it also had another purpose. In the meeting, Vargas Llosa said I am with (Jair) Bolsonaro, I do not want Lula, I did not want (Gustavo) Petro and of course he did not want me”, he commented.



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