Miguel Vargas anuncia plan de reestructuración y fortalecimiento del PRD

Miguel Vargas announces plan to restructure and strengthen the PRD

The president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Miguel Vargas Maldonado, announced this Saturday the implementation of a plan to restructure and strengthen the party with a view to attracting new leaders at the national level.

By leading the swearing-in of hundreds of leaders in the National District, Vargas Maldonado assured that the commitment of said political organization is with the Dominican people and not with other parties, therefore, the PRD develops a reorganization schedule throughout the country.

“The PRD is the protagonist at this time in the construction of a new organization model with responsibility and hard work where facilitators have been deployed in each province and municipality of the country,” he told hundreds of leaders.

He added that the party is preparing to present its own candidacies at all levels, leading a great electoral alliance for which a team agenda is developed, of which 80 percent is already covered in the organizational and adaptation section of its leadership. .

“We have the objective of placing the party in 2024 to compete with its own candidacies at all levels … The PRD has to come to power in 2024 and we hope to lead any alliance that is possible for that purpose,” he emphasized.

He indicated that the PRD is prepared to respond to national problems, and for this, it carries out teamwork, with men and women committed to the party and to the country, “so that (the country) does not get carried away by promises. and unfulfilled programs, so that they take on the offer of a responsible party that wants to come to power to respond to those great problems that affect the country.

The president of the PRD stated that, together with the work of strengthening party structures and the preservation of values, the white party opens its doors to different sectors of Dominican society, without distinction.

Likewise, the swearing-in program includes the reactivation of the secretariats, where strengthening, growth and reorganization work will be carried out in terms of responsibilities and competencies.

Vargas highlighted the work carried out in this regard by Héctor Guzmán, Fello Subervi, Peggy Cabral, Junior Santos, Yanet Camilo, Carlos Trinidad, Carlos Arrollos, Silvia Sánchez and hundreds of men and women loyal to the PRD.

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