Author of the attack on President Duque's helicopter captured

Author of the attack on President Duque’s helicopter captured

Colombian authorities captured in the department of Norte de Santander a leader of the FARC dissidents accused of the terrorist attack against the helicopter in which President Iván Duque was traveling, which occurred in Cúcuta last June.

Defense Minister Diego Molano, He said in a statement released on social networks that alias “Aurelio”, of whom he did not give his first name, was captured in the San Martín village, in the municipality of El Tarra.

(They find two rifles with which they would have attacked Duque’s helicopter).

The head of the Defense portfolio recalled that the detainee, in addition to being allegedly responsible for the attack against President Duque and his entourage, is also involved in the attack against the facilities of the Army’s 30th Brigade, both events that occurred in Cúcuta, capital of the Norte de Santander department, on the border with Venezuela.

Molano assured that the operations in Norte de Santander against the FARC dissidents continue constantly “to regain tranquility.”

On June 25, six shots hit the presidential helicopter – in which Duque was traveling, two of his ministers and several regional officials, who were unharmed, when he approached Cúcuta.

Ten days before, a car bomb exploded at the headquarters of the Army’s 30th Brigade in Cúcuta, in which there were United States military personnel, and 36 people were injured.

(Helicopter in which President Iván Duque was traveling was attacked).

The Prosecutor’s Office reported at the time on the arrest of 10 dissidents from the 33rd Front of the Farc and also the former military officer Andrés Fernando Medina Rodríguez, alias “El Capi”. that he had allegedly executed and designed the “criminal plan” for both the attack against the helicopter where Duque was traveling and the attack with a car bomb against an Army brigade.

Medina, a highly trained military man and helicopter pilot, was retired from service due to illness in 2016 after 12 years of service.


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