Miguel Guerrero will start publishing his book "In the promised land" in the digital Caribbean

Miguel Guerrero will start publishing his book “In the promised land” in the digital Caribbean

The digital newspaper elCaribe begins the publication of the book starting tomorrow “In the promised land”from our regular collaborator the journalist and writer Michael GuerreroNumber Member of the Dominican Academy of History.

This work brings together a series of writings about the author’s impressions on the trip he made to Israel on Christmas 1975, just two years after the Yom Kippur War and which were originally published in the pages of this newspaper between 1976 and 1978, while he was serving as head of the copyediting desk and in charge of national information.

The author has freely assigned the publication rights of several of his works to El caribe, as a contribution to the study and knowledge of decisive stages of contemporary Dominican history.

Warrior He said that the reproductions of his works in the digital version of elCaribe also constitute a generous contribution of this newspaper to the dissemination of events that have contributed to changing the course of the nation and to the understanding of the social and political reality of the times in which we live. .

He added that with this, the Caribbean contributes to broaden the knowledge of our recent history, and arouse interest in sponsoring a historical-academic dialogue on the present and future of the nation, while inviting other Dominican authors and historians to post their works. already published and available to the general public.

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