Commission does not have a date for the primaries: Casal avoids "false expectations"

Commission does not have a date for the primaries: Casal avoids “false expectations”

There is a suggested date for the opposition primaries that will define a unitary candidate, June 25, 2023, but Jesús María Casal says that they are working on logistical aspects and opens the door for another date

The National Primary Commission (CP) presented this Monday, December 12, the balance of the first period of consultations with civil society, political organizations, journalists and other sectors of the country. From the headquarters of the Institute of Religious Studies (ITER), Jesús María Casal, president of the Commission, said that from November 19 to December 10, 112 consultations were carried out.

were received political organizations, civil society, candidates, journalists and the clergy. On Saturday December 10, the primary commission met with Cardinal Baltazar Porras Cardozo. Casal said that the primary is seen as a mobilization of citizens, and stressed that the value of voting must be rescued as a fundamental element of participation.

“The consultation process has made it possible to unite different political organizations,” said the President of the National Primary Commission.

At the same time, Casal added that the consultations have emphasized respect between political organizations. “There has been progress in the definition of the possible national observation in the primary process.” In this sense, he said that organizations such as Voto Joven and the Venezuelan Electoral Observatory have shown their willingness to participate.

Casal pointed out that until now there is no date for the primary election and they do not want to generate “false expectations.” He highlighted that they are working on the date suggested by the Unitary Platform, which is June 25, but there are key aspects such as logistics, financing and voting abroad.

For his part, political scientist Ismael Pérez Vigil, member of the Primary Commission, said that aspects such as electoral notebooks and the nucleation of electoral centers, among others, must be resolved.

Jesús María Casal recalled that, according to the primary regulations, candidates are called upon to make a financial contribution for the election. In the same way, other sources of financing will be sought, such as the support of Venezuelans abroad.

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