On the first day of the reopening of the soybean dollar, the BCRA bought US$ 192 million

Producers sold almost 400,000 tons of soybeans and accumulated 2.71 million

Foreign exchange income from agricultural exporters to the Single Free Exchange Market (MULC) reached US$ 1,353.5 million, that is, 45.11% of the commitment.

Soybean producers sold almost 400,000 tons and thus exceeded 2.71 million in eight days since the November 28 reopened on Export Increase Program (PIE)which implements an exchange rate of $230 per dollar for oilseed exports until next December 31.

In addition, the income of foreign currency from agro-exporters to the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC) it reached US$ 1,353.5 million, that is, 45.11% of the commitment, in only eight of the 23 rounds in which the soybean dollar will operate.

The measure was agreed upon with the main export complexes, which agreed to liquidate soybeans and derivatives for at least US$3 billion.

According to the figures of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange399,941 tons of soybeans were sold last Wednesday, totaling 2,713,568 since Monday, November 28.

Meanwhile, the central bank closed the day on Wednesday with purchases for US$71 million, and accumulated US$693 million in eight rounds.

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