Messi to crush another record?

Messi to crush another record?

Leo Messi It has to touch a new record, a stratospheric mark that could strike down this very Thursday. The Argentinian PSG striker could achieve his 100th goal today with the Albiceleste in the match that the team from scaloni plays against Panama in Buenos Aires this Thursday.

Messi accumulates 98 goals With the national team and in Argentina they take it for granted that the star will surpass a new milestone in his career today, two more goals to reach one hundred, another brutal mark in his already extensive and highly celebrated record. The former Barça player touched the sky in Qatar when he lifted the coveted World Cup for an Argentina that was crowned as the most powerful team on the football planet Leo’s hand

In the World Cup in Qatar, the man from Rosario already destroyed all records by beating Diego Maradona in presences and Gabriel Batistuta as a scorer And he stayed at the figure of 98 points. He wants more and this Thursday he can crush the record of goals with the albiceleste.

To the 800 of his career

He still has records to strike, he still has a lot of rope to throw. Messi can also conquer the goal 800 of his career, which he has been playing for PSG for three games, has been denied to the former Barcelona player.

Until now, Leo has 799 targets, accumulated between the 672 of FC Barcelona, ​​the 29 in Paris Saint Germain and the 98 with Argentina.

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