Mayor of Naranjal's vehicle suffered an attack

Mayor of Naranjal’s vehicle suffered an attack

The car of the mayor of Naranjal, Luigi Rivera, was on fire. The municipal building was also damaged.

In the early morning of this Sunday, January 9, 2022, the car of Mayor from Orange grove, Luigi Rivera, was set on fire. The attempt occurred while the vehicle It was parked in the back of the Municipality. Rivera is out of the country.

According to the mayor in charge, Maria Velez, there are security camera videos showing the moments when a subject enters and sets fire to the car. To provoke the fire, according to preliminary indications found, a plastic with combustible material.

Damage to facilities

Besides of vehicle, the fire caused damage to structures near the municipal building. Thus, the destruction of several air conditioners, the ceiling and part of the walls of various departments of the institution is recorded.

The first to notice fire It was the security guard, who requested help from the Fire Department.

Once it was confirmed that it was a provoked event and not an accident, the Mayor in charge went together with the Trustee to present the respective complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office.

Mayor assures that he has received threats

Through a press conference via Zoom, Rivera He assured that the attack has a name and surname, and blamed common crime. This crime, according to his version, would be supported by political opponents and communication groups that are catapulting themselves into the upcoming elections.

Despite not presenting any type of evidence to his assertions, the Amayor He stressed that the investigations will determine if the damage caused was directed to his personal vehicle or the property of the Municipality.

In addition, he pointed out that on several occasions he has received threats who have not managed to stop their actions. He also announced that he will request the joint work of the Ministry of Government, Association of Municipalities and other State entities, to seek solutions to the high rates of violent acts in Naranjal.

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