Margarita: “Zero tariff law means the death of Dominican agriculture”

Azua.- The former vice president of the Republic and presidential candidate of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Margarita Cedeño, warned this Sunday that President Abinader’s decision to enact the “zero tariff law” will bring hunger and food insecurity in the immediate future to the country and will mean the death of Dominican agriculture.

He said that this will also put the Dominican Republic at food risk in the short term, “it is a reality that without national agricultural production, what comes is hunger and insecurity.”

He added that, “The ‘everything is fine’ that the government insists on saying is not true. Food is security, work, health, it is education, you have to eat well and this government is not working for the food security of the country, predicting the death of agricultural producers at the national level”.

Cedeño, considered inexplicable the Government’s insistence on imposing a measure that is contrary to the national interest, “there are two countries, the real country, the one of the people who do not have their basic needs assured… and on the other hand, the wonderland of Abinader that only exists in his mind. Hunger is more than poverty, hunger is insecurity, hunger is crime, hunger is lack of health, hunger is child malnutrition, hunger is backwardness, hunger is anguish”.

He specified that the agricultural sector contributes more than 80 percent of the products consumed by the country’s inhabitants. In addition, this government does not want to listen to the experts who assure that the reduction of tariffs will not lower prices. They are not understanding that these measures abandon the national producer, causing anxiety in the population, especially in the agricultural sector whose only means of survival is to work the fields.

the tour

During the development of her extensive tour in the province of Azua, the candidate heard the cry for help exclaimed by its inhabitants in the face of the president’s arbitrary decision to promulgate the “zero tariff law”, predicting the death of agricultural producers at the national level. .

Margarita: “Zero tariff law means the death of Dominican agriculture” 2

“The decisions that the government has made have been to the detriment of all of us, we do not have a way to buy the fertilizer to produce our land, all the products are through the roof, not to mention food, which we used to buy with 825 pesos, now he leaves with 1,650 pesos and we are left hungry”, claim the community members of the Municipal District of Villarpando.

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