Manufacturing, real estate and transport are the sectors with the most work accidents

Manufacturing, real estate and transport are the sectors with the most work accidents

Between January and April 2022, 10,807 notifications were made for work accidents, mainly in the areas of manufacturing (2,583), business and rent (1,934) and storage and communications (1,393), according to the Computer System for Notification of Work Accidents, Dangerous Incidents and Occupational Illnesses of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE).

Of the total notifications, close to 98% (a total of 10,582) corresponded to work accidents, while to a lesser extent there were 151 due to dangerous incidents, 59 due to fatal accidents and 15 due to occupational diseases.

In the same period, the regions with the highest number of notifications were Metropolitan Lima (8,139), Callao (1,329) and Arequipa (591).

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It is important that the employer guarantees the establishment of means and conditions in the workplace that protect the life, health and well-being of the workers. It is essential to implement an adequate Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management system, taking into account legal and technical aspects, so that not only is it possible to prevent damage to health and possible sanctions”, specified Jaime Cuzquén, Associate Partner of the Labor Area of ​​EY Peru.

The expert added that those companies whose work activities are high risk must also have the Complementary Work Risk Insurance (SCTR), which is a mandatory policy that protects the health and integrity of the workers of this type of company. .

Along these lines, he mentioned that for the prevention of accidents and possible sanctions, advice must be had on the correct implementation of the OHS guidelines and processes, such as internal policy, the constitution of the joint committee or the election of the supervisor, the implementation of accident records, medical examinations, internal audits, among others.


Among the consequences for non-compliance with OSH obligations are fines that can amount to S/ 241,638.00.

Also the temporary closure of the area of ​​an economic unit, the stoppage or prohibition of work or tasks, labor lawsuits, criminal liability, among others.


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