Cuban regime censors humorous digital magazine

Cuban regime censors humorous digital magazine

The campaign against freedom of the press and freedom of expression carried out by the Cuban regime, headed by Miguel Díaz Canel, has claimed a new victim: a digital humor magazine.

Wilmar Verdecia Fuentes, assumes the courage of social denunciation (Taken from Twitter)

The outlet “El Toque” has put an end to its work “due to the threats and blackmail” of the Cuban State Security, according to sources from the United States Embassy on the Caribbean island.

Via Twitter The Embassy of the United States in Cuba denounced that the cartoonists of the humorist magazine @xel2Humor had had to put an end to their work.

The consular headquarters shared works of graphic humor published on @xel2Humor, related to “freedom of expression and creative resistance.”

At the beginning of this month, announcing the closure of the humorous magazine, The touch stated: “The repressive offensive of the Cuban State against the team of @eltoquecom reached a new level of aggressiveness this week.

And he continued: «The demands have even led to the cessation of the graphic humor supplement@xel2Humor”.

Cuban regime censors humorous digital magazine
María E. Lemus Cordero, the cry of impotence (Taken from Twitter)

At the end of last August the independent humorous magazine issued an editorial in which he reported that due to the regime’s repression, nine of his journalists had been forced to resign.

“We live days of great sadness and indignation. It generates a great emotional conflict for us when team members are forced to stop working », she says. “For no other reason than that of an authoritarianism that is not accountable,” says the complaint.

“Colleagues who have contributed their talent and dedication to making El Toque a medium that serves, in every sense of the word, Cuban citizens today, are forced to abandon the exercise of independent journalism,” the statement states.

Cuban regime censors humorous digital magazine
Fabián Sotolongo, another of those censored, sees the situation like this (Taken from Twitter)

In addition to forcing these reporters to publicly resign, State Security confiscated their means of work from the members of the humorous magazine.

The sanctions do not stop there: the ban on leaving the country was extended to anyone who is part of the team.

Cuban regime censors humorous digital magazine
Caricature of Brady Izquierdo (Taken from Twitter)

According to Cubanet, the illegal Cuban Institute for Freedom of Expression and the Press recently denounced that July was the worst month so far in 2022 for press freedom in Cuba.

In its report, the ICLEP recorded 140 violations of press freedom in Cuba during the seventh month of the year.

The NGO recorded 96 cases of arbitrary arrests, 22 restrictions in the digital space and the same number of threats and psychological attacks.

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