Man carrying contraband merchandise died after being shot by a police officer

A 78-year-old man died this Friday morning in Florida, after get shot by a policeman of that department, reported Telemundo and confirmed The Observer.

The man I was traveling in a car on route 56when at kilometer 41 the Policeman it stopped to inspect his car.

As reported Telemundo (Channel 12), the police had information that the driver was carrying contraband merchandise, something that they were finally able to verify. .

In the middle of the inspection, a discussion with the driverthat took a 38 caliber gun that triggered the reaction of an officialthat shot in the driver’s abdomen.

The man was taken to a health center, where he underwent surgery but finally died.

Florida Police Chief José Azambuya told The Observer that the man moved smuggled “meat, chicken and pork”.

The case is being investigated by Florida First Shift District Attorneyby the prosecutor Daniela Revello.

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