Maduro warns of Western campaign to “dismember Russia”

Maduro warns of Western campaign to “dismember Russia”

In the West they are lining up politically, economically, diplomatically and militarily to go to a great war and dismember Russia, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said on Friday.

From the Closing of the National Congress and International Congress of History, in La Guaira, the president warned that “a Western media dictatorship for the world” is currently being executed, which seeks to lead to “a disastrous escalation” that can lead to ” a third world war.

For this reason, he asserted that the plan is to go to a “war against Russia” and “break it into pieces, destroy it and end the hope of a multipolar world.”

“If at any time there has been a media dictatorship in the world, it is at this time, with its obscene measures and its campaign against humanity,” he said.

He affirmed that the current scenario has accelerated “many elements of what will inevitably be the composition of a new multipolar, multicentric world”, where cooperation prevails.

“The time of the world of peoples will come. We have no doubt and we are absolutely certain that this world, although it is turbulent, is being born with new paradigms, situations », he added.

He stressed that fascist and Nazi practices are being revived in the world, for which he affirmed that Venezuela has undertaken the fight to eradicate these actions.

“There is a great debate about the emergence of neo-Nazism, neo-fascism, Nazism and fascism worldwide, which has been defeated in Bolivarian lands,” he added.


Within the framework of the congress, Maduro affirmed that Venezuela has to “decolonize everything” and for this, this topic must be included in educational programs at the national level.

«We can aspire to have a better prepared generation, a deeper spirituality, a more independent, firmer conscience. Being able to educate our people in general », he said.

He indicated that progress should be made in the decolonization plan “incorporating the debate” and “consulting at all levels.”

During the 16th National Congress and 3rd International Congress of History, which was attended by more than 1,700 people and more than 500 papers, reflections, proposals and opinions were debated and exchanged in order to collectively build new ways of analyzing the past, as well as recognize and act in the present.

«The Congress of History must be with open doors, connected with the people and popular power. A center of lights that spreads and comes from all over the national territory,” said the national president.

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