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Luis Manuel Otero declares a hunger strike

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban artivist and political prisoner Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (LMOA) declared a hunger and thirst strike in the Guanajay prison, demanding his immediate and unconditional release.

According to reported the San Isidro Movement (MSI) and the art curator Claudia Genlui this Thursday through social networks, Otero Alcántara began the strike last Monday.

The MSI recalled that since LOMA has been in prison, it has carried out two other strikes: the first from September 27 to October 12, 2021; and the second from January 18 to February 22, 2022. The latter caused him, in addition to paralysis, an eye injury from which he has not yet recovered.

Last June 24 The Prosecutor’s Office announced the sentence of five years in prison for Otero Alcántara for the alleged crimes of continuous outrage against the symbols of the country, contempt and public disorder.

When the Prosecutor’s Office exposed the sentence in the official press, he had not even informed his family or his own lawyer, recalls the MSI. Luis Manuel Otero found out a week later from a call to Genlui.

Otero Alcántara has refused to appeal said sentence, highlights the San Isidro Movement.

The MSI also denounced that in the prison they do not allow him to socialize with other prisoners, nor go out to the patio to sunbathe and he remains confined in a cell together with another detainee.

“In the days of his trial, State Security blackmailed him and told him that if Maykel Osorbo did not go into exile, he would not be able to leave Cuba to attend to his health problem, of which he has not yet received a diagnosis,” the publication explains. .

“We hold the Cuban dictatorship responsible for the physical integrity of Luis Manuel Otero, and we will continue to denounce the arbitrariness with which the regime acts against Luis, Maykel and the rest of the Cuban political prisoners,” concludes the MSI.

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