Ramiro Meneses and Carlos Báez, the favorites to win MasterChef Celebrity

In the second stage celebrities had to cook a sweet preparation with pigeon peas and papaya bug. They had only 30 minutes to finish their plate.

Time is up, Christina presented a dessert that for Rausch it was well solved considering that they only had half an hour

Carlos Baez made a dessert that was too sweet

boy prepared a green papaya candy that looked like a compote, the chefs said.

Ramiro presented his dish, but did not receive very good comments.

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Tatan He prepared a spicy papayuela candy, however, for the judges they did not consider his dish a dessert.

The points were distributed as follows:

  • Charles: 2
  • Boy: 0
  • Ramiro: 0
  • Christina: 6
  • Tatan: 1

After knowing the results of the two stages, the general scores go like this: Ramiro 18, Carlos 16, Tatán 15, Crisrtina 13, Chicho 12.

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