Luis Almagro extends a report on Nicaragua until January

Luis Almagro extends a report on Nicaragua until January

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, asked the Permanent Council of that regional body to extend, until mid-January 2022, the deadline for the delivery of a report on the steps he makes with the Government of Nicaragua, in order to agree to a meeting to negotiate a way out of the socio-political crisis in the country, which has been aggravated by the constant repression of the regime and the electoral farce of November 7.

The report is part of what is established in the resolution of the Permanent Council of the OAS on December 8, in its part referring to the fact that the Secretary General should urgently request a meeting with the Government of Nicaragua, with the aim of agreeing carrying out comprehensive electoral reforms, in accordance with what was requested in previous OAS resolutions and in accordance with Nicaragua’s obligations under international law, ”according to the text. The deadline for submitting this report was this Friday, December 17.

I comply with informing the Permanent Council that we have carried out the entrusted steps through the pertinent channels in order to obtain the results requested in the resolution of December 8, 2021. At the time of sending this communication, there is no definitive response on the matter. In particular, and in view of the political circumstances and the current dates, it is that I understand that it would be opportune and convenient to extend the deadline of December 17 as the deadline, extending it until the middle of the next January, cites the letter sent by Almagro to Ambassador Josué Fiallo, representative of the Dominican Republic and president of the Permanent Council.

Almagro pointed out that by mid-January he will be able to have a report on the final result of his management with the Ortega regime, and based on, the Permanent Council of the OAS take the decisions you consider pertinent.

Luis Almagro extends a report on Nicaragua until January

In the resolution of December 8, 25 countries voted in favor of demanding the Ortega Murillo regime, urgently, the release of all political prisoners and the acceptance of a high-level mission to reach an agreement, given that “Nicaragua is not fulfilling the commitments assumed in the Inter-American Democratic Charter.”

If Almagro’s efforts have a response from the Nicaraguan Government, the resolution established the formation of a high-level good offices mission authorized by the OAS Permanent Council, which must seek such an agreement so that the repression ceases, there is a dialogue between different political actors and new presidential and parliamentary elections, according to the document entitled “Results of the Permanent Council’s deliberations of November 29, 2021 on the situation in Nicaragua.”

The Ortega regime began the process of leaving the OAS on November 19, arguing that the recent resolutions of the regional body “undermine the sovereignty and independence of Nicaragua.”

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