LPG balloon: Minem will give families discount vouchers of S/25, S/43 and S/63

LPG balloon: Minem will give families discount vouchers of S/25, S/43 and S/63

Vulnerable families who find it difficult to afford a and who receive help from the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) to meet said expense may receive two of the new vouchers that the Government has recently created.

The measure responds to the LPG Discount Voucher Program, which allows thousands of families to purchase a domestic gas cylinder to cook their food, and which is part of the energy social inclusion policy and is financed with resources from the Inclusion Fund Social Energy (FISE).

Currently, the implemented program delivers a S/25 discount voucher to 940,499 beneficiaries nationwide, including soup kitchens, Qali Warma schools, and Ollas Comunes. However, the Executive Branch has approved a rule that will allow provinces with natural gas fields in operation to receive a discount of S/43 and districts of the province of La Convención in the Cusco Region, access a discount of S/63 .

“According to Supreme Decree 002-2023-EM, endorsed by the head of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), Oscar Vera Gargurevich, and President Dina Boluarte, you will benefit from a discount of S/ 43 to more than 56 thousand families from the Cusco, Ucayali, Piura and Tumbes regions that have an average monthly electricity consumption equal to or less than 100 kWh and are far from supply points and whose logistics are complex,” Minem reported in a statement.

In the case of the districts of the province of La Convención, who received a discount of S/32, the Government approved the increase in value to S/ 63, as announced by Minister Vera in his meetings with authorities and social organizations. cusqueñas

“LPG is a clean fuel and does not affect health, like the polluting energy sources such as firewood or dung used in poorer localities. For this reason, work is being done to increase 600,000 vulnerable families in the program, to reach a million and a half families benefited by 2023,” the ministry said.


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