RD retoma ofensiva diplomática al reiterar llamado de auxilio por  Haití

DR resumes diplomatic offensive by reiterating call for help for Haiti

SANTO DOMINGO.-The Dominican Republic intensified its diplomatic offensive yesterday in order to ensure that the international community provides a timely response to the calls for help made by Haiti, which in October of last year requested accompaniment to deal with the violence of armed gangs.

Said offensive was led by President Luis Abinader during the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac), in Argentina, regretting that up to now the call for the creation of a military force that allows confronting the violence that continues bringing restlessness and restlessness to the neighboring country, has not received a response from the international community.

Chancellor stressed the complex situation that the border is experiencing.

“I cannot stop reminding you of the situation suffered by the Haitian people, known to all and expressed by Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but which continues to worsen every day,” he said at the end of his turn during the summit.

He added that “the Haitian government’s call to create a robust military force that allows the National Police of that country to better confront the criminal organizations that today control 60 to 70 percent of Puerto Rico has not yet been responded to.” Prince and that sow the insecurity and restlessness of a people that claims the right to live in peace”.

The president advocated that the sanctions committee established in resolution 26-45 and 26-53 of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization begin to function, so that the measures that some States have taken unilaterally can be supported by the framework binding international law.

He also stressed that these actions have been the first steps to help the Haitian authorities to restore order in their country.

reiterates support
Abinader added that without this help they can be sure that they will continue to lament the sufferings that afflict the Haitian people, while reiterating that the Dominican Republic will continue to offer all the support that is within its reach and warned that “the solution to such a serious problem.

The Dominican ruler stated that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) has the responsibility to defend the sovereignty of the peoples and promote regional integration based on principles and values.

He cited that CELAC and other regional organizations such as the OAS, SICA, ACS, CARICOM, MERCOSUR, and CAN, “are bastions of the democratic conquests of our peoples.”

Before the UN
For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Álvarez, yesterday at the UN lashed out against international inaction in the face of the crisis in Haiti and once again called for the urgent dispatch of an armed force to help combat the armed gangs in the neighboring country.

Álvarez, in a speech before the Security Council, said that this international force is “the main demand” of the Haitian authorities and has been endorsed by the head of the United Nations himself, António Guterres, but “it still remains without a road map ”.

The Haitian ambassador to the United Nations Organization, Antonio Rodriguez, assured that that country cannot continue waiting for the dispatch of an international armed force to combat the armed gangs, an operation that it requested last October and that still has not come true. .


—1— called
The Haitian ambassador insisted that it is “more necessary and urgent than ever” to have a short-term solution to restore security.
—2— UN
The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, said it is “urgent” to deploy a security force in Haiti.

Abinader and US observer would meet
Meeting. President Luis Abinader had planned to meet yesterday with presidential adviser Christopher Dodd, President Joe Biden’s special envoy as an observer at the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

Until now, the details of the bilateral meeting, which had been scheduled at the request of the White House, are unknown.

The US participates as an observer in the VII Summit that is being held in Argentina, since it is not a member of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).

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