Podría concluir hoy juicio fraude en Lotería

Lottery fraud trial could conclude today

Santo Domingo.- It is expected that this afternoon the final stage of the preliminary trial of those accused in the so-called “Operation 13” will conclude, consisting of a fraudulent draw carried out in the National Lottery on May 1, 2021.

After Judge Amauris Martínez finishes hearing the replies and counter-replies from the Public Ministry and the lawyers of the accused.

The lawyers of the betting banks and the representatives of the Dominican State constituted as a civil actor will also run out of turns.

As soon as the parties conclude, the judge will withdraw to weigh whether he accepts the request of the Public Ministry to send those involved to trial or, on the contrary, issues an order of no place in his favor.

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At yesterday’s hearing, the Public ministry He concluded the presentation of the accusation, requesting that the accused be sent to a substantive trial.

On their side, the lawyers of the Public Heritage Recovery Team, Manuel Conde Cabrera, Edison Joel Peña and Carlos Moisés Almonte, asked to send the group to trial to answer for the accusation.

As the main accused is Luis Dicent, former administrator of the National Lottery.

The Public Ministry expressed the hope that the group will be sent to a substantive trial and that they will be sentenced in that jurisdiction.

He stated that none of the defenses has been able to consistently refute the evidence that the Public Ministry has for the judge to send the accused to trial.

At the trial, the bolos seized in the house of Dicent, the main defendant, were presented.

During his material defense, Dicent assured that he is innocent of the accusations against him. “I have children, and they are suffering. I do not wish this evil on anyone, anyone. I am in prison, I have a stain, said the accused.

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